Industry Profile
  1 . Steel Industries.
2 . Thermal Power Industries.
3 . Construction Equipment Manufacturer.
4 . General Engineering
5 . Mining Industries.
6 . Pumps and Valve Industries.
  Datre Corporation Limited has one of the most modern state-of-the-art Integrated Special Steel and Alloy Steel Casting & Precision Valve manufacturing plants at Falta in Eastern India, manufacturing specialised castings and high precision valves for the Oil & Gas Fertiliser, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power and Steel Industries as well as for Refineries.  
  The in-house foundry is automatic with indigenous and imported equipment such as continuous moulding line, Heat Treatment and shot Blasting machines with in house destructive & non-destructive testing facilities such as Spectro, Radiography, Impact, MPI etc. as well as large CNC lathes, CNC Drilling, Radial Drilling and seal welding Machines.  
  The plant is well balanced making it modern & pollution free. Datre manufacture valves of carbon steel, stainless steel and other special alloy casting and these are exported to international customers including end users.  
  The complete manufacturing operation including that of the foundry has strict quality control under TQM and is coordinated by QC / QA professionals.  
  Datre maintains quality & code compliance and subjects all products to regulatory standards to meet specific design & performance criteria.  
  Stringent quality control and testing procedures are maintained in compliance with API 600, API 598, API 6A, API 6D and other relevant ANSI, ASTM, BS and MSS standards.  
  Unique Combination: Integrated state-of-the art foundry and machine shop, for manufacturing and machining various types of castings in stainless steel, alloy steel & cast steel.  
  Application   Served By US
  High Temperature   Spares for Roller Beam Furnace and Pre heater Furnace Like Peg Main Chains and Hearth Liners. Pipe rolling Skids, Pig Moulds.
  Impact   Reinf, Pebble ports, Head Liners, Lifter Bars castings of Ball Mills
  Wear & Tear   Main Body, Underflow and Over Flow Nozzles of Hydro cyclones.
  Crushing   Grinding Jibs, Crusher Rings.
  High Pressure   Casing, Volute Impeller, Gland Plates for Pumps. Hubs for Cooling Towers
  Vibration   Journal Housing for Metro coach. Idler Wheels and Sprockets, Equalizer, Clutch Drums for Construction Equipments.
  Material of Castings: Low & High Alloy Steel,Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel,and other Special Steel of the following industries :  
  Valves   Cement
  Petrochemical   General Engineering
  Steel   Fertilizer
  Power   Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders
  Sugar   Railways
  Rubber   Aeronautics
  Pumps   Paper
  Mining   Motors
  Automobile   Construction Equipment
  Earth moving equipment    
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